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About me

Art therapy, counseling and creative training in the studio in Vienna (Spittelberg), Hamburg (Ottensen) and online

Andrea Mačić
Art therapist
Psychosocial counselor
Creative trainer

Born in Vienna in 1979. ​


Training as a psychosocial counselor and art therapist at the MGT Institute in Vienna.

Studied cultural and social anthropology (University of Vienna).

Further training at the RPP Institute "for resources in psychiatry and psychotherapy". ​


Since 2008 art therapy and counseling work in social, geriatric and psychiatric institutions as well as in private practice. ​

Many years of work in creative workshops for social projects with young people. ​


My main areas of focus so far include life upheavals and reorientation, work and career, burnout, relationships and family, interculturality, refugee experiences, resource strengthening, (F)Empowerment, biographical work, eating disorders, mental disorders / illnesses, self-awareness and the promotion of creativity and self-esteem.


Working with art therapy methods, with image design and discussions, has proven to be particularly helpful. However, I also offer consultations without or, if desired, with partial inclusion of artistic expression. If you would like to take some (off) time and space for yourself and your creativity, you have the option of taking advantage of the creative training.


My offer is aimed at people of all ages.


Everything you entrust to me in the course of joint discussions is subject to strict confidentiality.

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